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Grey Juice Lab: 'Digital generations teach us to break paradigms'.

September 10, 2018

Ahead of Jornadas Internacionales, Damián Craimowicz, regional director of Grey Juice Lab, described to Prensario the evolution of the company as one of the most important content aggregators in the market. Technological challenges and new business models.

This has been a year of evolution for Grey Juice Lab. On the one hand, we faced the challenge of converting several clients to new technological platforms, with all the operational work that this implies due to the adaptation of video files and new metadata formats, with Cablevisión Flow, ICE and Millicom in all their operations. And on the other hand, GrupoTelefónica has decided to trust us again, renewing its TVOD agreements for Argentina and Chile and incorporating Movistar Mexico as of January 2019', explains the executive.

For Craimowicz, this evolution cannot be possible without the collaboration of its content partners, both major studios and independent providers. They understand that they must quickly adapt their requirements to today's digital business to help operators generate business as quickly as possible and stay in business for the long term,' he said -

'We are always looking for new trends globally beyond blockbusters and popular series. And what we see making waves in the next few years will be eSports. The new digital generations are teaching us to break paradigms. The old forms of consumption will continue to exist, but the new wave is coming with an overwhelming force'.

About eSports, he added: 'Linear channels and OTT platforms with live streaming of gaming events, biopics of gamers as new stars of virtual sports, professional competitions are just the tip of the iceberg of what is coming. We are already generating agreements so that our customers can enjoy this new world'.

He continued: 'In other regions we are seeing AVOD services emerging strongly with an offer aimed at shorter, impulsive and entertainment-focused consumption. We believe that a well-developed product with these characteristics, with good content and an interesting business model for operators and content providers can result in a less costly and equally attractive project'.

The expectations for Jornadas are related to generating new deals that will allow it to add more and more value to its customers. Craimowicz: 'We know that the competitive scenario for an operator with VOD is not the best. The big OTTs have budgets that are impossible for local or even regional operators to execute. Our role in this context is to bring creativity from the content to help the operator compete or complement itself in the smartest way possible. We believe that eSports are aimed at this goal, bringing innovation, freshness and openness to new audiences'.

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