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Grey Juice Lab enters the world of web3

January 20, 2023

Interview with Damián Craimowicz, Latam director of Grey Juice Lab

What are Grey Juice Lab's challenges in 2023?

This year is a year of disruption for us. We will make a qualitative leap towards web3 through a new range of services and a totally new technological adaptation for the industry.

Sounds interesting and mysterious at the same time....

The world lives in a constant circular process of recycling and innovation. Recycling of ideas and innovation from the technologies that are emerging in each era. From a palimpsest to a book or an ipad. The idea is to write and tell stories. What differentiates the different eras is how this is done based on the invention of new devices. It is obvious to say that since the emergence of the Internet these processes have been accelerating, enhancing and chaining blocs providing new features that will revolutionise the relationship of operators with their users through content.

You referred to the world of web3 and chaining of blocks. Can I infer that this evolution is linked to blockchain and everything related to it?

Exactly. It sounds futuristic but all the possibilities that blockchain offers us are already becoming concrete realities today. The metaverse, NFTs, token gating are nothing more than tools that bring us back to the virtuous circle of recycling and innovation. To be more specific, an NFT acts as a virtual key that gives you access to everything that is linked to it. And this is where Grey Juice Lab wants to have an impact in our industry.

And how is this related to Grey Juice Lab?

Simple. Any content can be an NFT. And whoever has it can access both a catalogue and a range of experiences that can only be accessed through this key. In addition, NFTs can communicate with each other, evolve on their own or, when certain conditions are met, they can be interoperable with NFTs from other content or projects. Imagine the opportunities that arise for content owners, operators and other companies: new loyalty programs with physical and virtual experiences that can only be accessed with an NFT. This NFT can even be linked to other NFTs and thus provide even more benefits to the user. Going one step further, this NFT can even be sold having previously established in its business rules a timeless revenue for the first owner. Grey Juice Lab's role will be to help both Content Providers and operators to build these strategies and implement them from a technological perspective, as we have a specific development team for this area. Today, NFTs are mostly known as pieces of digital and collectible art. We will show the industry that they can also have utility and interoperability. It all comes down to increasing ARPU, reducing churn and building a stronger relationship with the user, generating greater engagement. Old ideas, new ways, more efficient, more powerful, more universal. Recycling and innovation.

Photo: Mihai Crăsneanu, CEO, Ainhoa del Coso, Procurement Director, Cristina Clavera, Content Director and Damián Craimowicz, Regional Director Latin America.

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