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The Grey Juice Lab family: voices of Tigo, Nuevo Siglo and One Play

November 9, 2022

Grey Juice Lab is a company that has been in the industry for more than 15 years. It is known for its services, but above all for its people and their human qualities.

They describe themselves as a global family, since they have people in different parts of the world. And according to them, when they make an agreement with an operator, the family gets bigger.

Says Damián Craimowicz, Director Latam: 'When we close a deal what we achieve is to deepen a bond that was previously generated in the negotiation stage. The bond and trust is the cornerstone on which we base our work. And that trust is what allows us to work better and in an open manner'.

For many companies, introducing a customer to a supplier can mean a business risk, as they may eventually be sidelined. At Grey Juice Lab they encourage the opposite. According to Craimowicz: 'We are not jealous of our relationships. And in fact we think it's great for our clients to know and experience what it's like to interact with Hollywood Studios, to go to screenings, to experience the magic of our industry'.

Success Stories: Tigo, Nuevo Siglo and One Play Speak Out

Yoanna Alvarez, Tigo's Programming Manager tells us: 'Grey Juice Lab is a key strategic ally for the development of our video business. An integral service composed of a talented team, a good product and an excellent delivery make us not only achieve the proposed goals but also enjoy the process'.

Eduardo Mandía, Commercial Manager of Nuevo Siglo, Uruguay: 'The relationship we have with Grey Juice Lab is optimal. Today they are our suppliers of studio, transactional and SVOD content. And we have been on this path together for two and a half years now. The reason why we chose Grey Juice at the time has to do with a value proposal, value in terms of Contents, added value and also the importance for us of having a supplier that has a local presence, that has our same schedules, our same language, which has greatly facilitated our relationship in these difficult times of pandemic'.

In this sense, Daniel Padilla, CEO of One Play, remarks: 'from the first day I found a super professional and close team at the same time. The trust developed allows us to work in a very agile and open way. This is fundamental for our business model. Although we evaluated other aggregation options, we definitely did not make a mistake with Grey Juice Lab'.

Ainhoa del Coso and Mihai Crasneanu

On the other hand, Ainhoa del Coso, Director of Business Affairs, commented 'at Grey Juice Lab we are prepared to meet the needs of each client, who may have very different plans and acquisition times. The commercial conditions of the agreements are changing a lot along with the industry, new rights, new windows, new platforms that also buy content and we have to be agile and pioneers, looking for formulas such as content pooling so that suppliers and clients gain by taking advantage of synergies'.

But Grey Juice Lab is also evolving. Mihai Crasneanu, its CEO, tells us that 'reinventing ourselves is part of our DNA. The industry is moving towards a place where creators and their communities are in control of the business. It is under this concept that a couple of years ago we thought of developing a technological platform that would allow these creators to develop their projects and monetize them, but on the basis of the future, i.e. on web3 and the blockchain. That's how Beem was born. A video and live events platform that allows to generate a unique interaction between creators and corporations and their audience. Beem is offered with white label, so today a company or brand can have its space with maximum security in terms of content, with a platform already approved by the studios, and with the brand presence they need'.  

For Cristina Clavera, Content Director: 'the chance we have created Beem is the possibility of creating synergies in terms of content and technology. Today we are working on several projects with clients to expand their transactional offerings outside their set top boxes through Beem, but with their own brand. Especially to mobile customer bases, which do not have an available offer. Thus, Beem becomes a very simple extension to integrate, with the same premieres that operators already have in their traditional services and the differential of also having EST, that is, not only the rental but also the purchase of content'.

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